First Phoenix Promotions is a forefront outsource sales and marketing company in the heart of Manchester specialising in building cost effective and memorable face-to-face marketing campaigns for clients looking to grow and expand. We are dedicated to the personal detail major clients want to represent but can sometimes lose through indirect methods. We fully train our professionals in marketing strategies that allow them to act as brand ambassadors to clearly represent the message and acquire new customers, maximising business growth.

about OUR CEO


Mara grew up with a love of film and theatre, constantly traveling to LA from a young age for acting competitions before leading in numerous school plays. She completed her Undergraduate Degree and Master’s in Middle Eastern and Aegean Archaeology at the University of Sheffield. Though her specialist now lies in Sales and Marketing, she attributes her success in the industry to her love of people and the study of human behaviour over time.


Mara Polansky has huge goals for First Phoenix Promotion and would like to expand nationally by the end of 2018 and internationally by 2020, opening in both France and China. Her favourite part about the industry in the growing network she meets on a daily basis and her ability to develop her company with exciting and motivating people.


Mara polansky


A young business owner with unmatched ambition and drive. Originally from Phoenix, Arizona, Mara has lived in studied in France and the UK for the last 10 years. Originally specialising in Middle Eastern Archaeology, she put her focus on creating an independent candle company before turning toward a larger market of Outsource Direct Marketing.


with Mara Polansky


1. How was life transitioning from an employee to building a company? Did your approach to work change along the way?


I actually have very limited experience working for another company. I had several part-time positions during uni, but in general, I was studying before I started my first business; The Creative Cosmopolitan, which was a lifestyle blog and candle company. I think my biggest struggle in the work place in general, which worked in my favour building a business, is that I have always taken ownership of any job that I’ve taken on.  Even working as a waitress part-time, if I was having a ‘clumsy day’ (I’m a fairly clumsy person) and drop a bottle of wine while serving a table, I would feel horrible. However, it’s what made me good at school or any training program. I took pride in the development, enjoyed any sense of accomplishment, and in general consider myself a very hard working individual. No matter what task I take on, I’m the type of person to give it 100%. The only difference between now and the part-time work I had in the past is that I get to make the 'every-day' business decisions and choose to work with people I love.



2. What are some of the biggest misconceptions people have about direct marketing?


The first misconception people have is that they don’t know what direct marketing is. Many people hear the word ‘marketing’ and automatically think of advertising. When people realise that there are many face-to-face forms of direct marketing, people often believe that ‘It’s scary,’ but people don’t appreciate how much personal development is involved with any form of human interaction on a day to day basis. So much of the world revolves around computers and technology; I am proud to be one of the few people still able to build a business run by people, for people.



3. To what do you attribute your success?


I grew up in a very determined household where success and work ethic went hand in hand. My mother did her masters as a mature student, and my father was a heart surgeon who worked all hours of the day. I’ve uprooted my life and migrated overseas twice. In a people based organisation, particularly one so systematic, I’ve always attributed my success to my work ethic. It's hard work to maintain a positive outlook while also continuing to learn and grow as an entrepreneur. It takes a great work ethic to have a constant dedication to success.



4. What is unique about your business?


Being so newly opened, I’m inclined to say nothing. On the contrary, I’ve always described myself and the team as “Gryffindor.” We’re good hearted, hard workers who have a willingness to do whatever it takes to succeed. I think some people think success comes easy, and that's just not true. On top of that, we are a close knit and welcoming team that loves to see other team members develop personally.



5. The Direct Marketing Industry is growing despite the hype around Social Media Marketing, Why do you think that is?


Social Media is a fantastic escapism for the majority of the population to enjoy. It’s a way for the public to be up to date with current events and media within the milliseconds that it takes to scroll through images and phrases, therefore, companies have an ability to get their name out there with a ‘quick shot.’  But quick shots don’t last. By allowing trained representatives in the Direct Marketing Industry to believe in the company ethos as much as the founders of the companies do, we are able to present the culture of the company and message of any organisation in a memorable and personal manner that can last years, if not a lifetime, for the customers that we bring on board. Direct Marketing also has an ability to reach a wider range of customer base, instead of those with an understanding of social media.



6. What does 2017 hold for your company?


Growth, Development and Success. We welcome businesses that want a cost effective and personal way to get their message across to contact us regarding potential contracting.  We also seek ambitious individuals to enquire about potential opportunities to join our fun team as brand representatives, team leaders and campaign managers for future clients.

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